Comeip Group

Comeip Group

Lifetime experience and competence.

COMEIP is a company in the metalworking industry, founded in 2000 by Mr. Adão Azevedo, who has extensive experience and competence in this sector of activity.

In just a few years we expanded our production, the machinery plant and our human resources, developing and training our employees with the aim of maintaining excellence in the manufacture of products and in the execution of services for our customers.

Today we have the experience and kno-how in this sector, and we can say that We Know Metal.

Adão Azevedo administrador da empresa metalomecânica COMEIP em Vila Nova de Famalicão

Adão Azevedo

Founder and Administrator

With more than 20 years of experience in the metalworking sector, our current administrator, Mr. Adão Azevedo, based on a strong knowledge of the market, and in order to ensure the demanding quality criteria, surrounding himself with a specialized team, he created the COMEIP group.

Rita Azevedo

Executive Director

She grew up with Comeip, experiencing all the transformations together, he became the right arm of Mr. Adão Azevedo, his father and today they lead COMEIP together, with the challenge of continuing to grow and expand/explore new markets. There are more than 10 years of experience to learn from those who know metal.

Rita Azevedo diretora executiva da empresa metalomecânica COMEIP em Vila Nova de Famalicão
Comeip Group

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Our mission is to supply products and provide services in order to satisfy legal requirements and exceed customer expectations.

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