Full process custom-made solutions

The great technical development achieved in recent years has allowed COMEIP in the field of metallomechanics to develop its specialized activity as:

Comeip industria metalomecânica em Famalicão

Research and Development

Specialized team creating the best solution for your product.

Comeip industria metalomecânica em Famalicão

Metalworking Production

Specialized manufacture of parts and solutions in copper, bronze, silver, brass, iron, aluminum and stainless steel.

Comeip industria metalomecânica em Famalicão

Injection of Plastic Materials

We have a unit for injection of plastic components.

Comeip industria metalomecânica em Famalicão

Equipment assembly

We provide assembly service for metal sets .

Main operations

Press Shop and Stamping

Tin Electroplating

Wire EDM

Conventional Milling Cutter

CNC milling cutter

Heat Shrink Sleeve


Penetration EDM

Plastic injection

Silver Electroplating



Conventional Lathe

CNC lathe

peças metálicas torneadas e maquinas em cobre e aluminio

Our specializations

Production of components for electrical machines;

Manufacture of parts for medium and high voltage electrical equipment;

Contacts, Connectors, Power Sockets, Flexible Connections, Wide variety of busbars in rectangular and round sections, Disconnectors for 60Kv high. 550Kv.

Production of tools for manufacturing industrial parts based on their design;

Manufacture of parts in series obtained by cutting and stamping metals in their natural or hot state;

Plastic injection (technical parts) with the manufacture of molds.

We have the solution you need.

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